Nia and Sally from Canines for Chrsit

This article is about the duo that has become apart of The P.U.R.E. Friendship family:  


by Sally Severson

It's been almost three years since I got "Nia". We had just had our pet English

Bulldog pass away and were contemplating getting another. We had been

praying and seeking what the Lord would have us to do. God laid on our

hearts a cute and lovable English Bulldog from our local pet store. My

husband purchased her for me for Valentines Day. I prayed and asked the

Lord what He wanted for me to do with her, because I believe all we have and

do should bring glory and honor to HIM. So, how do you bring glory and

honor to the Lord through a bulldog? God gave me the idea to use her as a

therapy dog, but as a therapy dog for HIM. Awgh! I thought "how do I do

that?" Then I used Google and found Canines for Christ. I contacted Pastor

Larry to ask if I could be a part of CFC even though I am in Pensacola, FL. Of course, Pastor Larry

being so gracious said yes. He told me what I needed to do to get her ready. So we took classes and

trained and became a certified therapy dog. God even brought the perfect dog into our lives for His

plan. She has a great temperament and loves people and truly enjoys her visits.

We visit an assisted living facility, a local school for children with disabilities, Pyramid, and ARC Gateway

which has many local facilities for all ages of people with special needs. We have also attended special

events for disabled children and the local Veteran's Home in AL. I have learned through this journey

that when God tells you to do something, do it, no matter how impossible it may seem to us. God has

taught me also that as much as I know we are ministering to others in the facilities we visit, God is

working in my life and showing me more about who He is. He created us all in His image and loves us

all. He loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for us. We all have a purpose and He can use all

things to bring glory to HIM, even a bulldog. I am humbled to be a part of this ministry and excited to

see where the Lord will lead us. I continue to pray that He be glorified in all that I do and that I be

changed and become more like HIM in the process. He made us and knows what He wants us to do on

this journey He has us on while we are here on the earth.

In Him,

Sally Severson


Mark 16:15 "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation."