Created with a Purpose

This is the prayer that was in my devotional this morning:

“Father, in spite of all the labels I am given, and all of the duties I perform in my day-to-day life, do not let me lose sight of who I am in You. Let me stay grounded in Your Word, always, as I seek Your will for my life. Amen in Jesus’ name.”

  Always measureing who we are and what we do with our relationship to our creator is very interesting even if you don’t believe in a creator.  I take much comfort in knowing that I was created and therefore created with a purpose. The belief that I was created (in itself) gives me a reason for being.  Finding my specific purpose gives me the strength and courage to move ahead when I don’t feel that I am being productive or useful.  What is the secret to life? The answer is simple. Finding the purpose for your life in relation to your creator is the secret to life.  It is no more complicated than that.