We May be Blind to His influence in the World

Here is the prayer that was at the end of my devotional this morning:  

"Father, help me to trust the small things as well as the big things to Your care. I don’t just want to believe; I want to expect miracles in my everyday life because You are that good! Amen in Jesus’ name."

I have said many time that I am always amazed, but never should be, to see how God works.  On the days when my eyes and heart is open, I can see Him in everything.  On the days they are closed, I know He is still there.  It is not a matter of if He is there, it is a matter of am I at a place in my relationship with him that I notice Him.  

Think about it. On the days that you are "fighting" with your spouse you may choose to not look at them.  Not looking at them does not make them disappear. Your heart and arms may not be open to them, however they may still be there.  It's the same with God. Just because  we may not see His influence or hands in the actions of the world, does not mean that He is not in Control. Granted, we may not understand the world, but that does not mean that His hands are not in the world.  

-Destry LeBrun-