Why do I Object to What Others Do?

In Mark 14:1-9 a woman poured a bottle of very expensive perfume over the head of Jesus. Evidently this was in preparation for his burial. This type of behavior would not have been as out of the ordinary as it would be today. However, people in the house still took exception to this lady's behavior. You see the perfume was pure and very expensive. The Bible shows us that the perfume cost as much as an average yearly wage. The person that objected the most to this act of faith in believing was the person who looked after the money in Jesus's ministry. As we read some of the commentary related to this passage we learn that it is likely that the book keeper was not concerned about his perceived waste of the costly perfume but rather he saw it as money that he could have personally used.

So today, how can we apply this passage to our lives. Perhaps we can ask ourselves the true reason for our objections to other peoples actions. We can ask why do I have this internal need to judge other peoples actions. Why do I roll my eyes and shake my head when I see someone standing at a busy street corner quoting Scripture at the top of their lungs in 95° weather. I can honestly say that I have not felt the call of God to minister in this way. But who am I to say what someone else has been called to do. Why do I have such a strong internal objection to this type of ministry? Perhaps I should just be thrilled that's someone has been called to minister in this way, that someone is so convicted of what God wants them to do that they're willing to subject themselves and perhaps their family to the Florida heat in order for people to hear the gospel. 

I can confidently say you will not see me on the street corner quoting the Bible at the top of my lungs. Nonetheless, I pray that if he does indeed call me to do so, I will be a strong enough believer to quote Scripture at my lungs on a street corner as of other lives depended on it.