Expressing Emotions Without Words

 Disclaimer* -> I am not comparing the importance of relationships with Dogs and ownrs with two people who love each other). I understand the difference however It doesn't make this story any less true or important to me.

I love this video for many reasons. I love the "Multi Culture" component. I love that words are not needed in order to capture true emotion. If you listen closely, you can hear her not just crying, but sobbing. Of course, the military component elevates the video to an entirely different level. 
But what really personalizes this video for me is that I have stood in the exact same spot where this video starts. I used to live 30 miles from this exact airport. Back in the early 90s, my parents pick me up from this airport after I have been out of town for two full weeks. They surprised me by bringing my dog Cooper to pick me up at the airport. At this point Cooper and I have not been a part from each other for more than 48 hours out at one time. It was truly one of the best surprises I've ever had. When he saw me, he began making noises that were a mixture of desperation in exuberance. He was basically "yelping" in a good way.  I must admit that I almost acted the very same way.  When I got in the car Cooper continued to show how excited he was that I have finally returned. His reaction was quite different from when I returned from a 48-hour absence.  In addition to the yelping and jumping around, Cooper decided to show how much she was excited to see me by standing directly on top of both of my legs. He was too excited to sit down so he stood on top of me with both front and rear paws balancing on my thighs. He only weighed 40 pounds so it wasn't too difficult for him to continue this expression of gratefulness and excitement for the entire 30 mile ride home. 
So when I hear someone say that dogs don't know the difference between their owners being gone for an eight hour day and a two-week vacation, I just laugh inside and thank God that I was able to be a caretaker to Cooper for 15 years.