God is With Us Even When We Can't See Him Hear Him or Even Feel Him

As I am sitting inside a Starbucks this Saturday morning looking out the front door, I can see a young Mother and her (what looks to be) 4 year old little girl, sitting outside. The weather is slightly cool, cool enough for the attentive Mother to retrieve her daughters bright pink hooded jacket from their car. As the two of them sit in their chairs, under a large green umbrella, the little “ballerina”, I know she is a ballerina because of the pink Too-Too she is wearing. After every bit of her cookie, she gets out of her chair and does what must be a portion of the dance routine she just finished at her recital.  As Mom relaxes over a cup of coffee, she attends to every little need of her Daughter.  Mom attends to her needs without her Daughter even knowing that she has needs.  She helped put on her jacket, zip the zipper, and adjust the jacket just so until it fits perfectly on her Daughters tinny little frame.  


What a great picture of the way that God meets our needs without us knowing that we even have needs.  We go about our daily lives thinking that we only need God for certain things. The truth is that God is always with us, protecting us, providing for us, creating opportunities for us.  We think that it is us who meets every need we have. But in reality, God is our supplier of everything. He is always with us even when we can't see him, hear him, or even feel him. Thank you God!