Easter Egg Hunt is This Saturday the 26th of March at 1 PM

Easter Egg Hunt:

The Egga-Wahooza is this Saturday. We hope you will join us on Saturday the 26th of March at 1:00pm for the “special needs” portion of the annual Egga-Wahooza Easter Egg Hunt at the Baseball Stadium in downtown Pensacola. Call 479-8337 for more details or visit Marcus Pointe Baptist Church on Facebook at facebook.com/marcuspointebaptistchurch. 

Thank You,

Destry LeBrun

This Service Dog Changed Her Life. And Seeing His Special Day To Say 'Thank You' Made My Week!

OK, so here is a video that is in the running for Destry's top 10 videos of 2016. Marmaduke was my favorite as a child and George seems to be the service dog version of him. This little girl and big dog are a perfect match.


This Service Dog Changed Her Life. And Seeing His Special Day To Say 'Thank You' Made My Week!

Bella has a condition that makes it almost impossible for her to walk without crutches. Until she met her service dog George who gave her freedom back and…



You are More Special to More People Than You Will Ever Know

You are special regardless of how you "feel". 

You are special regardless of how you "feel". 

While doing some reading this morning, I came across this commentary in the NLT version of "Every Man’s Bible".  The commentary for Matt. 18:10-14 (in part) says, “if we admit our need for him and seek to follow his will for us, we will discover how very important we are to God and the people close to us." I wasn't surprised to read the first part, however I was surprised to read that seeking Him will show us how important we are to those who are close to us.   WOW! That kind of blows me away.  So, studying the Bible, going to church, praying, meditating on His Word not only brings me closer to God, (I knew that) but all these things also opens my eyes to the important roles I play as a son to my parents, a brother to my brothers, a husband to Donna, a Nephew to my aunts and uncles, an uncle to my nieces and nephews and a cousin to my cousins. I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!

The passage from Matt. 18:10-14 talks about the Shepard that left his 99 sheep to find the 1 that became lost and separated from the pack. I’m sure the lost sheep looked exactly like the other 99. It probably behaved much like the other 99, however when it became lost, the Shepard not only noticed, but he left the other sheep to go find the lost one. This is a great illustration of how special we are to God, our Shepard and perhaps how special we are to the people that are closest to us.

During our daily routines, I can understand how some of us would start to feel like we are “nothing special”.  We drive to work, drive home, eat, go to bed and get up and do it again.  Just like millions of other people. “What is so special about me?” we may ask ourselves. The answer is, Christ within us makes us special, not only to Him, but to the people that are closest to us. He is equipping us to be the person He uses for His purposes. If you ask me, I’ll take His purposes over mine (or anyone else’s) any day of the year. Also, if I’m special to Him, it must mean that I have a special purpose in life therefore I must continue to seek His will in order to fulfill that purpose.  In other words, YOU are particularly special to Him and to the people who He has placed in your life.

Thank you Dear Heavenly Father for making me special to you and the people you have put in my life.  Amen


Nia and Sally from Canines for Chrsit

Nia and Sally from Canines for Chrsit

This article is about the duo that has become apart of The P.U.R.E. Friendship family:  


by Sally Severson

It's been almost three years since I got "Nia". We had just had our pet English

Bulldog pass away and were contemplating getting another. We had been

praying and seeking what the Lord would have us to do. God laid on our

hearts a cute and lovable English Bulldog from our local pet store. My

husband purchased her for me for Valentines Day. I prayed and asked the

Lord what He wanted for me to do with her, because I believe all we have and

do should bring glory and honor to HIM. So, how do you bring glory and

honor to the Lord through a bulldog? God gave me the idea to use her as a

therapy dog, but as a therapy dog for HIM. Awgh! I thought "how do I do

that?" Then I used Google and found Canines for Christ. I contacted Pastor

Larry to ask if I could be a part of CFC even though I am in Pensacola, FL. Of course, Pastor Larry

being so gracious said yes. He told me what I needed to do to get her ready. So we took classes and

trained and became a certified therapy dog. God even brought the perfect dog into our lives for His

plan. She has a great temperament and loves people and truly enjoys her visits.

We visit an assisted living facility, a local school for children with disabilities, Pyramid, and ARC Gateway

which has many local facilities for all ages of people with special needs. We have also attended special

events for disabled children and the local Veteran's Home in AL. I have learned through this journey

that when God tells you to do something, do it, no matter how impossible it may seem to us. God has

taught me also that as much as I know we are ministering to others in the facilities we visit, God is

working in my life and showing me more about who He is. He created us all in His image and loves us

all. He loves us so much that He sent His Son to die for us. We all have a purpose and He can use all

things to bring glory to HIM, even a bulldog. I am humbled to be a part of this ministry and excited to

see where the Lord will lead us. I continue to pray that He be glorified in all that I do and that I be

changed and become more like HIM in the process. He made us and knows what He wants us to do on

this journey He has us on while we are here on the earth.

In Him,

Sally Severson


Mark 16:15 "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation."

He Could Have Permanently Appeared as He Did During the Transfiguration

This morning while using the Text Commentaries: David Guzik (Blue Letter Bible: Matthew), I read

Matt. 17. I read of an idea that struck me as extraordinary:

“Essentially this (the Transfiguration) was not a new miracle, but the temporary cessation of an ongoing one. The real miracle was that Jesus, most of the time, could keep from displaying this glory

"For Christ to be glorious was almost a less matter than for him to restrain or hide his glory. It is forever his glory that he concealed his glory; and that, though he was rich, for our sakes he became poor." (Spurgeon)

So, it is extraordinary to think that while most of the time Jesus was on earth, he was displaying a miracle by NOT “unusually” displaying His Fathers Glory thru Him.  In other words, restraining Himself from constantly appearing like He was during the Transfiguration was itself a miracle.  That’s good stuff!!

 -Destry LeBrun


We May be Blind to His influence in the World

Here is the prayer that was at the end of my devotional this morning:  

"Father, help me to trust the small things as well as the big things to Your care. I don’t just want to believe; I want to expect miracles in my everyday life because You are that good! Amen in Jesus’ name."

I have said many time that I am always amazed, but never should be, to see how God works.  On the days when my eyes and heart is open, I can see Him in everything.  On the days they are closed, I know He is still there.  It is not a matter of if He is there, it is a matter of am I at a place in my relationship with him that I notice Him.  

Think about it. On the days that you are "fighting" with your spouse you may choose to not look at them.  Not looking at them does not make them disappear. Your heart and arms may not be open to them, however they may still be there.  It's the same with God. Just because  we may not see His influence or hands in the actions of the world, does not mean that He is not in Control. Granted, we may not understand the world, but that does not mean that His hands are not in the world.  

-Destry LeBrun-

Sometimes Music Sounds "Hard" But Still Has an Eternal Quality

If you like music with a “hard” or “strong” feel but you want it to a) have a purpose and b) fit with your Christian beliefs, check out: 

“The River” by Decyfer Down from the Album Anthology

It’s about Baptism and how we should have known from the start that we were not created to walk thru this life alone. 

It’s about Redemption from a sinful world and Redemption from the choices that we know we should not make but continue to make.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a Christian, its still a great song if you like the up tempo, “rock” type of music. 

Take a listen.  



Reclaiming the Supernatural

I have always liked the word "supernatural". I used to use it when describing situations, acts or environments where I could see Gods intervention, assistance or influence. For example, "Pilot Skully had supernatural assistance when he landed the plane in the river, saving so many lives". But now the word is most often used to describe more of a "Spiritual", (other than God) , act or force. As one of my New Years Resolutions,  I think I'll recommit to using the word "Supernatual" when referring to the obvious acts of our creator Jesus Christ, the one and only God. Who's with me?  Is there a word that you have stopped using because the meaning has changed over time but you feel it is unjustified? What word will you reclaim in 2016?

Are You Happy or Full of Joy

Taken from the life application study commentary in the NIV chapter 5 vs. 3-12. -> "To Jesus blessed means the experience of hope and joy independent of outward circumstances". I love this description. Many times I struggle when searching for the proper words to describe the difference between "Happiness" and "Joy". This commentator describes "blessings" better than I ever could. Regardless of what is going on around us we still have the blessings of Jesus within us. This gift cannot be taken away by any person. It is a gift given by God himself. This is a gift that you and I cannot give, however we can point to it and educate people about it by simply talking to people about how it has changed our lives. As a matter of fact, we are commanded to do that. It is our duty to tell other people about the blessings of having the Holy Spirit living within us. Sometimes this conversation can start by simply asking another person to talk about what is happening in their lives. I think you will be surprised at how many people are open to hearing about the answers that you have found. 

"Here in the Love of Christ I Stand"

Anthony Evans sings a version of "In Christ Alone" that will blow you away.  This post is full of quotes from the song. Each of these quotes can stand alone as their own message.  Listen to the song with ear buds so you can pick them out.

Anthony Evans sings a version of "In Christ Alone" that will blow you away.  This post is full of quotes from the song. Each of these quotes can stand alone as their own message.  Listen to the song with ear buds so you can pick them out.

"No Guilt in Life, No Fear in Death" this is the power of Christ in Me.  

"Jesus Comands my destiny."  

"No power of Hell or scheem of man could ever pluck me from His hand."

"Here in His Power I Stand."

All these quotes from the song are beautifully written and profoundly true.  It reminds me of the way the King james Bible is written but with a more "modern" approach. I am always amazed at how God gifts some people with talents that are so foreign to people who do not possess that gift.  I mean, there is no way that I could ever write in a manner that this author writes, yet, I understand every word so clearly.  For that I am thankful.  We may not possess the gift that we wish we possessed however, God has orchestrated our lives so that we can enjoy those gifts through others.


Why do I Object to What Others Do?

In Mark 14:1-9 a woman poured a bottle of very expensive perfume over the head of Jesus. Evidently this was in preparation for his burial. This type of behavior would not have been as out of the ordinary as it would be today. However, people in the house still took exception to this lady's behavior. You see the perfume was pure and very expensive. The Bible shows us that the perfume cost as much as an average yearly wage. The person that objected the most to this act of faith in believing was the person who looked after the money in Jesus's ministry. As we read some of the commentary related to this passage we learn that it is likely that the book keeper was not concerned about his perceived waste of the costly perfume but rather he saw it as money that he could have personally used.

So today, how can we apply this passage to our lives. Perhaps we can ask ourselves the true reason for our objections to other peoples actions. We can ask why do I have this internal need to judge other peoples actions. Why do I roll my eyes and shake my head when I see someone standing at a busy street corner quoting Scripture at the top of their lungs in 95° weather. I can honestly say that I have not felt the call of God to minister in this way. But who am I to say what someone else has been called to do. Why do I have such a strong internal objection to this type of ministry? Perhaps I should just be thrilled that's someone has been called to minister in this way, that someone is so convicted of what God wants them to do that they're willing to subject themselves and perhaps their family to the Florida heat in order for people to hear the gospel. 

I can confidently say you will not see me on the street corner quoting the Bible at the top of my lungs. Nonetheless, I pray that if he does indeed call me to do so, I will be a strong enough believer to quote Scripture at my lungs on a street corner as of other lives depended on it.

Expressing Emotions Without Words

 Disclaimer* -> I am not comparing the importance of relationships with Dogs and ownrs with two people who love each other). I understand the difference however It doesn't make this story any less true or important to me.


I love this video for many reasons. I love the "Multi Culture" component. I love that words are not needed in order to capture true emotion. If you listen closely, you can hear her not just crying, but sobbing. Of course, the military component elevates the video to an entirely different level. 
But what really personalizes this video for me is that I have stood in the exact same spot where this video starts. I used to live 30 miles from this exact airport. Back in the early 90s, my parents pick me up from this airport after I have been out of town for two full weeks. They surprised me by bringing my dog Cooper to pick me up at the airport. At this point Cooper and I have not been a part from each other for more than 48 hours out at one time. It was truly one of the best surprises I've ever had. When he saw me, he began making noises that were a mixture of desperation in exuberance. He was basically "yelping" in a good way.  I must admit that I almost acted the very same way.  When I got in the car Cooper continued to show how excited he was that I have finally returned. His reaction was quite different from when I returned from a 48-hour absence.  In addition to the yelping and jumping around, Cooper decided to show how much she was excited to see me by standing directly on top of both of my legs. He was too excited to sit down so he stood on top of me with both front and rear paws balancing on my thighs. He only weighed 40 pounds so it wasn't too difficult for him to continue this expression of gratefulness and excitement for the entire 30 mile ride home. 
So when I hear someone say that dogs don't know the difference between their owners being gone for an eight hour day and a two-week vacation, I just laugh inside and thank God that I was able to be a caretaker to Cooper for 15 years. 

The Trinity is Both a Mystery and Crystal Clear

When I read in Matthew chapter 3 verse 16 and 17, I realize the power of the Trinity. At that one moment when Jesus is baptized by his cousin John the Baptist we were able to see the spirit of God / the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove travel from heaven to earth. We also were blessed enough to hear the voice of God when he said "This is my son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased." And of course we were able to see Jesus when he was being baptized.

If you are like me, there are times when I think about the Trinity and I become overwhelmed with the emotion of joy. Yet there're other times when I can't help but be confused. My earthly mind wants to understand how one can be three. The longer I have been walking with God the less important it is to comprehend the mystery of the Trinity. When I say comprehend I mean fully understand. Perhaps what I used to think as being in need of understanding in order to fully believe in the power the Holy Spirit has given the way to the wisdom that can be gained by simply having faith that what God tells us in the Bible is the only truth we need. You see, to me I have learned that it is not a requirement to understand everything in order to have the faith that God wants us to have in Him. Not having to fully understand the Trinity (for example) but trusting that it is true is in fact having a leader that you ultimately trust.

I am thankful that my leader happens to be the creator of the universe. In my humble opinion, that is enough of a resume for me to trust Him without having to understand everything about him.

Kitty Cat Loves This Little Darling Who Happens to Have Autism

This is not a video but it is a very quick read with a "long-suffering" lesson. I also love to see the title read "littel girl with autism" instead of "autistic littel girl". It may not mean much to some people but to others this small change in the way we say things means a great deal. - Destry
This Little Girl With Autism Has A VERY Special Bond With Her Kitty! And It Is Heart Melting!
Iris Grace is barely a kindergardener, but she is already master painter. Her kitty serves as her inspiration. But this isn't just any ol' cat.. when you see what they…

This Little Girl With Autism Has A VERY Special Bond With Her Kitty! And It Is Heart Melting!

Iris Grace is barely a kindergardener, but she is already master painter. Her kitty serves as her inspiration. But this isn't just any ol' cat.. when you see what they…






God is With Us Even When We Can't See Him Hear Him or Even Feel Him

As I am sitting inside a Starbucks this Saturday morning looking out the front door, I can see a young Mother and her (what looks to be) 4 year old little girl, sitting outside. The weather is slightly cool, cool enough for the attentive Mother to retrieve her daughters bright pink hooded jacket from their car. As the two of them sit in their chairs, under a large green umbrella, the little “ballerina”, I know she is a ballerina because of the pink Too-Too she is wearing. After every bit of her cookie, she gets out of her chair and does what must be a portion of the dance routine she just finished at her recital.  As Mom relaxes over a cup of coffee, she attends to every little need of her Daughter.  Mom attends to her needs without her Daughter even knowing that she has needs.  She helped put on her jacket, zip the zipper, and adjust the jacket just so until it fits perfectly on her Daughters tinny little frame.  


What a great picture of the way that God meets our needs without us knowing that we even have needs.  We go about our daily lives thinking that we only need God for certain things. The truth is that God is always with us, protecting us, providing for us, creating opportunities for us.  We think that it is us who meets every need we have. But in reality, God is our supplier of everything. He is always with us even when we can't see him, hear him, or even feel him. Thank you God!