Our History

Since 2010, P.U.R.E Friendship Ministries has led the effort in Pensacola Florida to permanently bring to the forefront the need for the local church to intentionally reach out to P.U.R.E. families.  We have sponsored every major event in Pensacola in the past 5 years related to the church community advocating for P.U.R.E. people and families.



PURE Friendship Ministries exists to help P.U.R.E. people discover (and use) their God given gifts, talents and abilities to be apart of the community and to fill their role in life that God intended for them.  Because we are intentionally reaching out to P.U.R.E. people, we are able to give them the opportunity to learn about the gifts and talents they have been given. Many are learning for the first time that they possess something that can contribute to societyOur students are learning about their gifts and talents that they never new existed.  Many times there skills allow them to become involved with job training and readiness via our Tuesday PURE Empowerment Center classes.